Welcome to the coast of the Arctic

I’m happy to announce that I became the Nordic Nature Photographer of the Year both in 2012 and 2014, and Norwegian nature photography champion in 2013 :-)

My intention here is to share some of my fascination for the beautiful area that I have been so lucky to grow up in …and never want to leave. Through my pictures, I hereby invite you to join me on my trip along the magnificent, always changing and unpredictable arctic coastline; the land of the midnight sun, northern lights, dark frozen nights, storms and all its colorful and rough inhabitants!

In my “GALLERY” you will find some examples of my fascinations of the area, memorized by my pictures from 2010 and until today. Almost all are taken north of the Arctic Polar Circle.

My pictures are for sale (See "pris på bilder"). For commercial use and prices of my images, please contact me by email found under the “Contact me” section. Don`t hesitate to ask! All images on the page are heavily reduced in quality and size, but are available in high-resolution on request. I trust that you do not copy any of my pictures without asking me first. Welcome to my journey along the Arctic coast!

Audun Rikardsen
(Tromsø, Norway, November 2013)